Great experience!

I was a random walk in and Tim was super nice.

I’ve had my haircut for a while now and it’s easy to style and is growing out neatly. His technique is good.

Jane F.
Queens, NY

I couldn’t be happier with the results

This review is specifically for June Choi, who works out of a private room in the back of Artistique. She has a great eye for brows in terms of symmetry, face shape, arches, thickness, and color. I hadn’t gotten my tattoo eyebrows touched up in almost two years, and it showed in the uneven/patchy fading. She explained to me during the consultation that it would take 3 separate sessions to get them looking beautiful again: color neutralizing, shading, then Microblading.

At the $250 price point for the work she delivers (find her on Instagram under @june_makeup_tattoo), I was…Read More

Kristina M.
Bayside, Queens, NY

I would create an altar and worship you.

Oh, Tim. Oh, you wonderful man. If I wasn’t someone against organized religion, I would create an altar and worship you. I had hair down to my hips for a long time. I went to another salon for an initial cut and was not impressed. But when I decided to come here 2 months later for a shape up? Oh boy. I fell in love with. The entire staff is lovely. But this is a love letter to Tim.

My dear Tim. Where to start? You spent 20 minutes discussing my hair fantasies with me. Where did I want my layers to start? About the eyes. Who inspired my dream hair? Young Winona Ryder. How often will I get my pixie cut trimmed? If it means seeing you, Tim, …Read More

Isabelle H.
Queens, NY

I loved what they did for me

My Sweet 16 was my first time trying Artistique. I loved what they did for me. Peter was great with my hair. He was creative and open to ideas. His wife did my make up and she was just the same. Now in my senior year of high school, I needed a place to do my hair and make up for prom. I knew exactly where to go–Artistique! I remembered how nice the staff was and how they all came together to help me out for my Sweet 16. This time came out even better! They were even more creative. He and his wife asked for what I wanted and matched it completely. I would definitely recommend any young girls who are looking for a great place for hair and make up to come to Artistique. The atmosphere is also very nice. Thank you Artistique, see you soon!!

Jade Lynn A.
Queens, Queens, NY


Came here for a haircut, treatment + color via groupon yesterday and loved my initial experience with them. Things went by super smoothly and I was pleasantly surprised by their service and quality of care. Peter was super easy to talk to and very professional. They seem to be quite punctual here as I did not have to wait at all for my appointment.

Peter was very patient and honest with me when it came to the consultation. He was able to kindly explain to me the realistic expectations and long term results of how my hair would turn out to be. Although I had to pay a bit extra than what I had initially anticipated for the work I had gotten done, he was still ….Read More

Victoria D.
Flushing, NY

Highly recommend this salon.

I gladly drive from Westchester to Bayside to go to this salon. I’ve been seeing Tim for years. Peter had cut my daughter’s hair a few times and they’re both excellent.
You can tell Tim what style you’d like. Sometimes I show him a picture. He’ll discuss it with you first. I’ve had hairdressers before who would just do exactly what I say but makes the haircut look “disjointed”.
Their salon is clean, updated and they have friendly staff. They make you feel welcome. For me, this is a big thing. I’ve gone into salons before that have a “snotty feel” while definitely lacking in their hairdressers’ skills.
Highly recommend this salon.

A S.
Bronxville, NY

My fourth time here, and many more to come.

My fourth time here, and many more to come.

I’m one of those people who gets a trim/cut once or twice a year. In addition, I have trouble trusting anyone with my hair. That is, until I met Tim from Artistique.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by someone and they’ll ask if you made an appointment. I’d highly suggest making one, especially during the weekends since they get quite busy. So call, tell them who you want, what you’re going in for and make an appointment. Also if you’re curious about the price, don’t be afraid to ask.

Tim gives great and honest feedback if the look you’re going for isn’t going to work for you. He breaks it down and explains in detail how to improve the style that you’re trying to achieve without being snotty, cause…Read More

Christine S.
Queens, NY

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The Microrings are silicone- coated on the inside and are available in several colors for a natural result that matches your hair.

This method without using heat, wax, tape, or glue.
using small microrings you attach your hair without the risk of causing damage to your own hair.

most popular method because it is a reusable method-clients can refit the same hair many times.

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With the development of new technology in 2018,
it is a brand-new straightening perm method that completely removes damage by filling the hair with silk protein
Hair moisturized, nourished and more smooth, well-aligned and with reduced volume.

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Balayage Color

Balayage Hair color is a French technique that is the latest dye trend to gain international popularity.

The goal is to create soft natural-looking highlights that look more modern than traditional coloring methods.

Balayage is strictly freehand where the color is painted on.

You can amplify the hue to vary from a soft wash to bright and bold depending on your personal preference.

Outside of very short cropped hair, it can work on a variety of hair length, textures, and colors, making it truly universal and flattering for all women.

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