The Microrings are silicone- coated on the inside and are available in several colors for a natural result that matches your hair.

This method without using heat, wax, tape, or glue.
using small microrings you attach your hair without the risk of causing damage to your own hair.

most popular method because it is a reusable method-clients can refit the same hair many times.

Before & After

"He's in my book for the next time I need coloring!"


I like the convenience of his salon being in Bayside. It's very clean and in a relaxing atmosphere. He's in my book for the next time I need coloring!

"Finally I found new hairstylist in this place."


I decided I wouldn't go to barber shop anymore. Finally I found new hairstylist in this place. They were very nice and dedicated while cutting my hair in this place.

“Peter is sweet, attentive, professional about hair, and appreciative.”


He was more than able to do something nice with my hairstyle that I felt was attractive & nice again.